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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Wind Down Wednesday

Good evening, Bloggers.

It's been a dizzying few weeks.  Work demands and trying to get ready for vacation.  Plus it is now my birthday month.  Yay for May!!!!  So I am going to try to be in here at least once a week to recap the countdown to 49.   I am really excited.

So Mr. Perfect and I have hit a rough patch.  I think it's me.   If you don't keep me engaged, I can become detached.  I think I told you all about me being emotionally unavailable.  Don't remember?  Here is a refresher:   I think that when it comes down to it, I can't emotionally commit to anyone.  I have been burned so bad that I can have have fun with him, but I can't trust him ( no matter who the HIM is) enough to be vulnerable and emotionally available.  So he has done some things that remind me of the ex-husband.  so much so that I have begun to put some distance there.  Although I have talked to him, I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.  The bad thing is that I am totally ok with that.  This week, the last time I talked to him was Monday evening.  I got some things off my chest and then I went to bed.   I will never make someone a priority if it feels like I am only an option.  So anywho....another one bites the dust.

Truthfully, I think I was looking for a reason to get ghost. I am on my way to the Bahamas in a few days.  Maybe I will feel different when I come back but I doubt it.

On the career front...I am looking for another job.  I deserve a promotion and let's just say, it looks like I may have to leave to get it.   I still love what I do but I have only about 12 more years before retirement so I am trying to get one more promotion then coast to retirement. I may have to go to another Agency to get it.

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