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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is this thing on...

Well...I don't have an excuse.  I just haven't been inspired.  I am still around.   Still loving my job....and as much as I LOVE the DMV....umm this cost of living is a beast.  So umm yeah...I am keeping my job but relocating back to ATL...working remotely from Atlanta, flying back to DC once a quarter.  Sigh.  I am happy...because I have missed Atlanta.  

I enjoyed Christmas at the Harbor though....

Let's see...I was in a blizzard January 22...Stuck in the house until the 27th.  Man, we had a crapload of snow.  Yeah...me toasting my homegirl because it snowed so bad on the night of her bday...we all drank a toast to her from home at 7pm....yes...I got over 2 feet of snow in 24 hours...

I have gotten to the point where I REALLY enjoy my alone time.  Not saying I don't like people, I just like curling up with a good book and my thoughts rather than having to be "on" all the time when around a bunch of folks.  

The office I work in relocated temporarily to another building so I am moving twice in a month. 

 Moved my office...moving it again..and moving my apartment.  Yeah this snow ish is for the birds.  It was fun the first few times but that ish gets old being in the house for days at a time. 

Me the first few times it first snowed------>

Me now...whenever they say it is going to snow--------->

Yeah...I am so over it LOL.  

I am almost completely packed though.  I am not the last minute chic.  I have almost everything packed up and ready to go...I have also thrown out a bunch of stuff and given away a lot.  I did break down the other two bedrooms, and moved all the stuff up front.  Come February 26, throw that stuff in the truck and chuck the dueces.  I am living out of 3 rooms right now, master BR and Bath, and the kitchen. 

Anywho...what's up with you all?

Thanks for reading.