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Mother of 2, Child of God in Atlanta "They always ask me if I make it am I going to forget about them, but the question is, if I don't make it will they forget about me?" My spin : RealTalk When u are up everyone wants to hang on, but look for the ones that let you lean on when you are down. Remember...don't just look for me when I am up, support me when I'm down. ♥ In prosperity, your friends know you, in adversity, you know your friends. I asked God for strength, I got adversity. I asked God for wisdom, I was made a fool of. I asked for patience, I had a difficult relationship. I looked back, He gave me what I asked for. Adversity showed me I was stronger than I thought; being a fool opened my eyes to discernment making me wise; the difficult relationship showed me that patience is earned not given. Blessings come in many forms, not all of them recognizable.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

****UPDATE***** on the play and life

Venue - Check...decided to go with Georgia Tech versus 14th street Playhouse for a variety of reasons:
  • Parking. Parking is horrible and costly. So folks may be reluctant to come for that reason.
  • Rehearsals - I need to have some rehearsal in the venue. They  wanted the same amount of money for rehearsal days as show days, yet I only had limited hours I could use it.
  • Promotion limitations - I had to sell my tickets through the WA Center only. I was limited in how many comp tickets I gave away. That's bull considering I am paying for the use of the facility
  • No lavalier mics nor spotlight at 14th street.
Cast - Check. All those I reached out to for the specific parts I had in mind for them confirmed!
Script - almost check - That's right ya'll I wrote an hour and some change play in about 24 hours! What God has for you is for you!! The words came faster than I could type.
Promotions - One of my cast members has some friends that are graphic artists. They are going to type set my promo cards.
Show date is June 2nd! Watch God move!
I have a brighter outlook on life in general. I am still unplugged. But through being unplugged, I can really hear from God. Thank you Anonymous. Thank you for your prayers. I know they were true and heartfelt because you remained anonymous, not seeking Glory for self but sincerely praying for a fellow believer.


Anonymous said...

So glad you have a better outlook. I've been where you are emotionally and I know intercession makes a huge difference.

chele said...

I'm so happy for you!

The Goddess said...

I'm so proud of you. I know you've been working really hard for such a long time and you are SO deserving. I wish you so much success!!!!