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Friday, March 09, 2012

Let Go...Let God

Good morning Blogland.
This week I have really been trying to hear from God.  So I have been reading the Word, Listening to different sermons, Meditating on God's Word. 

I was listening to Bishop Jakes, and he said something that I really had to take to heart "Stop trying to change someone's mind about you."  It was a Word I really needed.   You all have a WONDERFUL, Blessed and Favored weekend.   Let Go and Let God.



What Lies Beneath... said...

Words are so piercing, aren't they? The smallest of statements can make you think. Changing the way people think about you is a big one for all of us, I think. Even those of us who try to argue differently. There is some part of us that wants that acceptance and we really don't need it. I had to learn that a while ago because I never wanted anyone to think negatively of me. When I realized that I'm a good person and that if they have those ill thoughts of me and I've done nothing to warrant that, then the problem is with THEM and not me. I let that go. It took a minute, but I did it and it seems you have too!

You have a good weekend also :-)

Reggie said...

Doesn't TD Jakes look like a big Teddy Bear?!? Or is it just me?!?

bayoucreole said...

"Stop trying to change someone's mind about you."
^words to live by... and

yeah Reg, he does look like a big Teddy Bear! LOL