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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Up for Air...dating chronicles

Good morning, Bloggers.

Yes I am still here.  I haven't felt inspired to write lately.  Let's see what's going on in my world.
I am dating. STILL.....  Why is it the guys start out good then fizzle?!?!?  Maybe it's me.  So let me tell you about the recent crew:

Music Man ~ I call him that because he is in the industry.  Started out cool, went out a couple of times then he spent the last three weeks at gigs and in the studio.  Yeah, well no one is that damn busy that they can't at least make a two minute phone call.  Status : On Ice 

U.ber ~ I call him that because we met when I first moved up here last year and he had me take him to the airport for a business trip...I then picked him up from the airport and dropped him off at the train.  Oh and he paid me for doing this.  Then he disappeared...for months.   When he resurfaced months later, he blamed it on school and a lost phone.  LMAO  I told him he treated me like U.ber and thus I named him that in my phone.   Status: He will never get out of the friend zone lmao
Dreamer ~ Newest in the crop.  I mentioned in one of our earlier conversations that I love W.affle H.ouse, but the closest one to me is 42 miles away.  One day it was raining etc. and he said he wanted to take me to eat.  I told him I wasn't up for getting dressed up because it was nasty out.  He insisted it was just a casual thing and picked me up, driving all the way to Wa.ffle H.ouse.  Score one...so what is the problem?  Well he tells tall tales...Nah fawk that...he lies.  And about stupid shyt.  I have no tolerance for that.  What is worse is that I gave him a chance to come clean and he STILL lied.  For example, we live in the DMV, a bunch of people I know who live in the city don't own cars.  They use METRO, U.ber, Cabs or Zip.car.  Well he picked me up in different cars each time and me, I am observant so I notice they were all Z.ipcars...not a big deal to me...the big deal is he brags about owning his own business and having several cars.  So I finally said, "you know it's cool if you don't own a car."  His response " I do..a white one and a green one."   Not a make, not a model...a color... Boo bye.  Wicho lying azz.  Status : Dismissed. Can't deal with a liar. 

So yeah I hate this dating shyt.  I am going to work on me.   What's going on in your world?

Thanks for reading. 



LakiSwirl said...

Haven't you noticed dudes just get worse as we age??? I've given up, at least for the time being, the dating scene and am trying to focus on me right now. Not because I just need time alone, but because all the toads I've dated this past year have amounted to exactly jack shit. So maybe I need a breather or something. I'm sure you got some funny stories about your hunt.

Newy said...

YES!!!!! and it sucks. It makes my head hurt to go through this song and dance.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I had a similar incident, where a guy actually stood me up then messaged me on Facebook months later as if nothing had happened. When I mentioned him being a no-show a while back, he claimed he lost his phone that night and had no way of getting my number. My thought was, if you managed to find me on Facebook now, why didn't you find me back then to explain yourself (if you really did lose your phone which I don't believe you did)? I too, am putting the brakes on dating for now. It may sound bitter or negative, but pretty much every guy I have gone out with in the past couple years has been trash and I really don't have an interest in entertaining anyone just for them to turn out to be another dud.

Newy said...

See UCB that's the kind of bullshyt I'm talking about. smh Then when the guys get about 45/50 they start wanting to settle down after they have been run through and are run down and we are at the "don't want to be bothered" stage.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Lmao exactly. It's almost a rite of passage for men to run the streets when they're young, and then want to get serious once they get old and none of the cute girls want their ass. I'm like, is it really so hard to act like you have some sense in your 20s and 30s???

Newy said...

UBC.... I know right??!?! Now when you busted I am supposed to want that azz...GTFOH lmao