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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Next Generation

There are officially no children πŸ‘Ά in our family. The last of the next generation, my niece, graduated last night. *sigh*  It is bittersweet. Remember in my Father's Day post I said kids don't come with manuals? They don't, but my sister did a great job. She has always been a hands on parent. Even when she had health challenges of her own, she showed up for them.

She was a little older than I was when she had her first one. Maybe that made a difference. I mean I was 19 and barely in the real world 🌎 when I had my first son. She was 21 and had a chance to enjoy being a grownup. I was still childish and was still into pulling pranks etc.

When my niece came along I was older....still not a girlie girl but I got a chance to spoil her in spurts. Indulging her in things such as being a junior Falcon cheerleader and paying for dance lessons. I felt like she was my girl too as she stepped up to accept her invitation to adulthood. Proud yet sad 😭. The baton is set to be passed. We have helped them start to assemble the tools for their toolkit and we can on hope and pray that they seize the opportunity to make their marks in this world 🌎.  My niece is a huge Harry.Potter fan and her mortarboard reveals how she feels about crossing into adulthood:

You may have dreamed of being a wizard, a carefree teen, or even the next pop star.  These things may never happen but you will always have to grow older....you either embrace the change of plans and make the best of it, or you go kicking and screaming. One things for certain and two things for sure it is going to happen.  She now has her wings...it's time to fly.

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UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I just saw your comment on my blog, sorry I missed you...it would have been awesome to meet one of my blogger friends in real life! Please let me know if you come this way again :)

Freckles said...

There is something wonderful about being an auntie. I LOOOVE it especially since I do not have kids of my own, well I have stepkids that are totally mine but that is an entirely different subject.