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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Wind down Wednesday

Good morning, Bloggers.

I have missed you all but I have been very busy at work and on travel.....Let's see what's been going on....hmmm...

One of the minis turns 22 next week.

It seems like just yesterday he was a baby.  It is really hard getting used to the fact they are grown men.   *sigh*   I went to St. Louis in June, DMV twice in July and last week.  Work has been chaotic...but I love it....yep I still love what I do.  
I let the petty spirit come over me when dealing with the ex.  *sigh*   Yes so...he did not take all his stuff when he left....and I hadn't seen him in 3 years.  During the hearing he tried to get the judge to make me change my name....
Petty attack number one....I kept it because it bothered him and he thought he was going to MAKE me change it.   LMAO.

WELL...our divorce was final in June.  On the one month anniversary of the divorce, he sent a text asking for some stuff. After going back and forth....this was the second time the petty spirit came over me:
Ummm  yeah...good thing we didn't have kids together.

Anyway....so I think I am going to buy another house here in Atlanta.   Since I have been back, I have decided I really did miss being here.  When I first moved back, I got an apartment because I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay here long term.  Not only do I want to stay here, but I really need the write-off since both of my minis are grown.

Anyway...How's life treating you?

Thanks for Reading....



LakiSwirl said...

I love this post! So petty!! That text exchange is classic. Why would he think you'd hold onto his crap for that long anyway?? 30 days was more than enough time to pick up his belongings. Anywhere else would've tossed it on day 31.

Freckles said...

I have to say that i fully cosign your petty spirit. I am a fan and my favorite line is "the way my petty is set up"

I am glad that you made some time to pop in. GET BACK TO WRITING