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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ahhhh....it's 1991 again

I was transported back to 91 again this weekend. I debated whether to write about this. So Back in 1991, I was in love with "Philly". At that time, I was active duty and was stationed on a ship that went in the shipyards in Philadelphia.  I met Philly a little before that (sometime in 1990) when I was stationed in Norfolk and burning up the highway between PA and VA since that is where my mom lived.  So while I was stationed at home, we became inseparable.

Then it happened....my ship was decommissioned so I had to take orders to another ship.  No biggie right?
Wrong.... I wound up on a new ship...in CALIFORNIA!  I was devastated...see that fall he was set to go to University of Maryland Eastern Shore, we had a plan worked out on visiting etc...then budget cuts did away with the ship.    So we broke up.  We loved each other but after discussing it, we decided it was not fair to either of us because we were both BROKE and traveling back and forth between California was not an option for an E-4 in the Navy and a college student.   I was set to be there at least 3 years.

We kept in touch.  Never missing a birthday.  Always writing and sometimes calling on the weekends (this was when long distance calls were $$$$$$).  We were friends before lovers so we were always each other's biggest cheerleaders.   Fast forward to 1996, I moved to Georgia, he was still in school in Maryland so it still wasn't an option.  We saw each other during holidays that we both happened to be in Philadelphia.  Just two old friends hanging out.   

I have been in Maryland for a year (but I have been in the DMV and year and a half) but he lives above Baltimore, closer to Delaware so our schedules made visiting somewhat a stretch.   We still called and spoke often but it just wasn't a priority to hang out.   Last weekend we hung out and it was like no time had passed.  That is the great thing about true friendships, no matter the time that has passed or the distance that separates you, when you do reconnect, it is as if no time has passed.   I loved just laughing and hanging out with him.  Although we are both on the other side of 40, I still see the young Philly that kept me in stitches when we were younger.  He still has a twinkle in his eye when he laughs.  The best part was falling asleep next to my friend while watching some crazy Cleopatra Jones movie like we used to...and for a minute...it was 1991 all over again. 

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