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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Franchise Player or Nah

So I have found another new blog....Freckles .

Freckles was talking about her MOJO...and within that post, she referred to one of her old posts about being a Franchise Player....well I started thinking...I KNOW I am a franchise player.  Somehow though, in my dating life, I was allowing folks to treat me like a free agent while giving them franchise player benefits.  Oh come on, you know exactly what I mean.

There were guys who called sporadically, didn't put a title to our situation yet, I acted as if I were under contract and would get pissed when I got traded.  Sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring, giving out the cookies without the ring...yeah.  Been there done that.  But you know how I know I am a franchise player?  I have all the qualities of a franchise player : loyal, supportive, smart, sexy, well-rounded, sharp, and a ride-or-die.

So what was the problem?  I am glad you asked.  I was playing for scrimmage teams.  Yep settling for the practice squad.  Then I recognized that just because the team owner doesn't recognize my franchise qualities, doesn't mean I have to keep playing for that team.

Doc  said something that struck a cord with me...she was talking about a conversation she had with her sister and she said "It shouldn't be this hard.....This is too hard...There's too much to understand and too much that requires a disclaimer.  You're too good for this.  You deserve a man who is checking for you.  And this dude isn't checking for you.  Not like he should if he really wants to be with you....When someone is checking for you...It isn't grey...It's pretty obvious." 

Her blog was the first time I heard that term.   When you are a franchise player playing on the right team, it won't be that hard.  He will be checking for you, and you will be checking for him.  When you have a quality franchise player, you will trade in all your draft picks and you won't be all in the free agency looking to see what is out there.

Since I now recognize my value as a franchise player, I am no longer entertaining those that treat me as a free agent.  I deserve better.   Everyone wants someone that makes them feel special.  This weekend, I realized I acted like a franchise player on a scrimmage team, so I benched myself.   I would rather not play.  Hmmmm....I wonder when he will realize I have exercised my right to become a free agent and I am no longer checking for him?



LakiSwirl said...

That's a DAMN good use of a metaphor!

Newy said...

Girl It is football season. I am just so tired of scrimmage teams.

Newy said...

Oh...the team owner realized I hadn't been practicing with the team and called to see if I were on injured reserve....nah...not on injured reserve...I am exercising my free agency rights. It only took him 4 days but that was 4 days to long. He isn't checking for me.