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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Empathy...I get it now

One of the most fascinating blogs I have found is written by a Grady Doctor in Atlanta.
 She recently had a post entitled The Pied Piper of Empathy.   I want you to read it, but this excerpt sums it up for me:

This idea of disease hierarchy and how some illnesses we throw our shoulders back to salute and how others get a head nod and that's it. I asked her thoughts on how cancer especially wins when it comes to that and why that was. And her take on it is that no person is exempt from the potential cancer diagnosis. She said, for this reason, perhaps, we all revere it....  So the Pollyanna positive girl in me has decided that this speaks to some innate thread of good in all of human kind. And how, as awful as cancer can be, it's amazing that there exists something that stands out as a pied piper for humanism and care for human suffering made palpable.

The article is thought provoking.  I agree with her observations. I KNEW my mom was getting older. But that didn't make me spend any extra time with her.  I mean my mom had diabetes and hypertension which were manageable through medication.  I never thought that I would lose her although statistically you have a greater chance of dying from either of those diseases than even getting cancer.   I am not proud of this, but I almost blew off her 65th birthday to audition for a show.   I figured she would have other birthdays, other milestones.  But there was a tug in me that wouldn't let me miss it...and I am glad I didn't. See she talked about that birthday road trip until the day she died. None of us knew that would be her last birthday. Less than 2 months later we got the diagnosis : pancreatic cancer. My siblings and I were known to go months without speaking. Not this time. We rallied the troops...took turns going to the doctor and chemo with her. Spent every weekend together for 6 months. Something about cancer is you know that cancer is no punk....it makes the strong weak, silences the loudest mouth. But mostly, it binds folks together because we know that this is one disease that you can't  prevent. Yep cancer is one disease that doesn't respect race, age, sex, status, or religion....it's  an equal opportunity ass whooping.

Go check out the Grady Doc...and thanks for reading.



Brandi said...

Thank you so much for sharing her blog. I spent the morning reading through it. So neat that she is Atlanta too.

Newy said...

She is so interesting. I love reading her.